QUANTUM JOURNEYWORK is recommended for those that already have experience with deep meditation, astral projection, hypnosis, or shamanic journeying. When we can shift your brainwaves up into theta, quiet your monkey-mind and stay lucid – we unlock new worlds!

The session begins with some talking and setting intentions. I open the space and guide the session. I form a connection with your higher self. I often encounter guides and angels assisting us. We will get to a deep meditation and cycle into theta brainwaves. These sessions are best when both of us when you are able to stay lucid and communicate. As I communicate with your higher self, I act as a connector. I will guide us so far and when appropriate, ask you questions to deepen the experience and help anchor what is happening into this physical realm.

Each session is uniquely different. Some sessions can be extremely experiential and knock your socks off while others may be more subtle. I trust that whatever comes through is exactly what is needed.