Reiki is a subtle, yet powerful healing modality that taps into the pure, channeled life force energy known as Source energy. This high vibrational energy is harnessed for your highest and greatest good, igniting your body’s natural healing processes. Reiki’s profound effects encompass your body, mind, and emotions, leaving you in a state of deep relaxation, clarity, and inner peace. Many individuals have found relief from stress, anxiety, and emotionally rooted pain through Reiki.

Benefits of Reiki:

  1. Calm, Peaceful State of Mind: Experience a serene mental state that promotes well-being.
  2. Acceleration of Natural Healing: Reiki enhances your body’s innate ability to heal.
  3. Stress Reduction: Relieve tension, anxiety, and worries.
  4. Increased Relaxation: Achieve a heightened state of relaxation.
  5. Boosted Energy Levels: Recharge your vitality and vigor.
  6. Clarity of Mind: Attain mental clarity and focus.
  7. Detoxification: Purify physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  8. Balanced Energy Centers: Harmonize your chakras for overall well-being.
  9. Deeper Harmony: Cultivate a profound connection between body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
  10. Dissolved Energy Blocks: Unblock stagnated energy for free-flowing vitality.
  11. Accelerated Personal Growth: Experience personal growth and transformation.
  12. And More: Reiki offers a wealth of holistic benefits.

Distance Reiki:

As a Reiki Master, I provide distance Reiki sessions that transcend geographical boundaries. Reiki is not limited by time or space, allowing for remarkable healing possibilities. During a distance session, we establish a connection through a phone call, discussing your intentions for the healing. Then, I work remotely, sending healing energy while you relax in a serene setting of your choice, whether it’s your bed, a warm bath, or a natural meditation spot.

How Reiki Works:

Reiki is a divine healing energy channeled from Source, elevating your vibration and activating your body’s natural healing processes. It works to synchronize your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, fostering profound transformation.

In our modern culture, various factors disrupt our energy fields, disconnecting us from Source energy. Reiki’s purpose is to restore balance, reestablish harmony, and deepen our connection to Source energy.

Reiki, broken down as “Rei” (universal) and “Ki” (life-force energy), also referred to as Source energy, possesses its own consciousness infused with love and compassion. It intuitively knows where healing is needed and operates in alignment with the recipient’s highest good.

Reiki heals by infusing our bodies with positive, high-vibrational Source energy, creating a space for the release and transmutation of stagnant energy. You don’t need to comprehend Reiki fully to experience its tremendous benefits.

Reiki is a remarkable practice that clears, strengthens, and heals energy pathways, facilitating the natural flow of life force energy. It offers stress relief, relaxation, physical well-being, and deep emotional healing. Reiki is not affiliated with any religion and is compatible with most belief systems. It is a spiritual practice that transcends boundaries.

What to Expect During a Reiki Session:

A Reiki session involves the gentle laying on of hands and does not require disrobing. It can also be administered without physical touch and can be performed remotely. (Practitioners always seek permission before physical contact, and sensitive areas are never touched.)

Frequency of Reiki Sessions:

The frequency of Reiki sessions varies from person to person. Generally, waiting at least 5-7 days between sessions is recommended. Sessions in sets of three hold a special significance, and you may consider committing to three sessions over three weeks to witness your personal transformation.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a medical professional or psychologist. I have been an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church since 2/5/2010. While the majority of individuals experience significant healing benefits, I cannot guarantee the same outcome for every individual.

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  1. Nicole Taylor says:

    Do you offer a sliding scale fee for Reiki sessions?

    Thank you,

    1. Ishka says:

      Yes, if that is what you need to have access to this healing work, I am happy to offer a sliding scale.

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