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The space I hold for our work together is safe, it deeply honors your unique journey through life, and is keenly aware of the divine essence that is you. It's a place for you to connect with the higher part of yourself and integrate the treasures found into the full human experience. The body, mind, emotions. Depending on where you are along your journey, we can start slow and gentle, we can ramp it up and develop your abilities, or journey deep into the heavenly realms and back again. Wherever we go, I'm here for it . In our sessions, I am by your side, meeting whatever comes with a gracefully fierce spirit. If you feel called, let's do it!

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Connected and Powerful

Lana is an amazing energy healer. I saw Lana three times and each time was different, yet very powerful. I noticed a shift after each session and the intentions I set for each were fulfilled every time. It is clear that Lana is very gifted in this area, and she is authentic. I have had energy healings before, but none of my prior experiences came even close to the one with Lana. She is light years ahead of anyone I've seen before, yet she is humble, pure, connected and very powerful. Thank you Lana for being a gift to this world and all of us who have the opportunity to work with you.
~ AJ


REIKI is pure channeled life force energy, also known as Source energy. Everyone can benefit from Reiki. It’s high vibrational energy that works for your highest and greatest good. It often ignites your body’s own, natural healing process. This energy positively effects your body, mind, & emotions. It’s deeply relaxing and often brings clarity and a greater sense of peace. Many individuals have found relief from stress, anxiety and emotionally rooted pain.

Available in-person or distance.

INTUITIVE ALCHEMICAL ENERGY HEALING is for empaths, intuitives, energy workers, or otherwise sensitive people. Each session is uniquely different and will take you to the next level in your personal growth and expansion. We can recalibrate your energy body and increase your connection to your own divine presence.

Available in-person or distance.

METATRONIA THERAPY® delivers a transformational experience. The whole system becomes cleansed and rebalanced.  This allows us move into alignment where we can explore where we truly need to be, to realize our life’s true soul purpose.  The evolving light codings that come in through this therapy assists you to align with your Divine Blueprint by repairing/re-calibrating on a cellular level to hold more light so that your energy body can upgrade. This increases your capacity to integrate even more light and tap into a wellspring of divine wisdom.

Available in-person or distance.

QUANTUM JOURNEYWORK is recommended for those that already have experience with deep meditation, astral projection, hypnosis, or shamanic journeying. When we can shift your brainwaves up into theta, quiet your monkey-mind and stay lucid – we unlock new worlds!

Available on the phone only.

HERBAL REMEDIES have proven benefits that can enhance your life! I turn to plants every day – essential oils, flower essences, herbal teas, bath bombs, herbal salves and so much more. These are tools for my own growth and transformation. I highly encourage you to explore what plants can bring to your life. After you schedule your healing session, send me a message and let me know that you want to add-on a complimentary 20-minute consultation to discuss what herbal remedies may work best for you!