Alchemical Energy Healing

Are you a healer seeking greater alignment with your soul purpose and gifts?

Intuitive Alchemical Energy Healing is for empaths, intuitives, energy workers, or those looking for bigger shifts and something greater in life.

Selinite Wand third eye

It’s truly amazing what can happen when we can work on the energetic plane.  Working across time and space is possible.  This work is sacred and goes deep.

  • Boost source energy
  • Increase your connection to your intuition
  • Gain insight into your process
  • Purge lower densities
  • Light body activation, re-activation & upgrades
  • Increase your capacity to conduct energy
  • Deep emotional healing
  • Aligning body-mind-emotions-spirit
  • Clear your channels
  • Cut cords
  • Balance chakras
  • Increase chakra abilities
  • DNA repair and activation
  • Receive intuitive feedback

Sessions are all unique to each individual and no two have ever been the same.

selinite wand back of solarplexus

Schedule here.

The Flow:

Sessions can be done in-person or across distance (over the phone/google hangout).

Each session begins with an invocation to call in Mother Earth, Father Sky and any guides and energies that wish to assist with the healing for the highest and greatest good.

After the invocations, I begin by running Reiki energy through your energy centers (chakras) and meridians.  That is when I begin to read your energy.  Each session is completely unique and provides just what you are ready for in that moment.

Old, trapped, trauma energies need to be released from the body so that light energies can flow through you and be properly grounded.  I work closely with your guides as they communicate with me and guide me.  This is a marvelous, life-enhancing experience and I feel so blessed & grateful to do this work.

During the session, I may guide you through vizualizations and movements to help energy move.  If you would like, you may request that I guide you through the entire session.  When I get intuitive hits, I will speak to you during the session or write down notes to share with you at the end.

Intuitive Alchemical Healing sessions take 60-90 minutes.

Suggested donation $100-200

Selenite Wand above heart

 There is no coincidence you are here.  Are you ready?

Schedule here.

Questions? Contact me.


A note about etheric beings:

I hold space for individuals and groups to heal.  I often work with etheric beings, such as angels and ascended masters, who wish to assist in the healing process. The intention for the space I hold only allows for your highest and greatest good.  It is my mission to serve in the expansion of our collective spiritual evolution.


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  3. Loving positive being just here to thank for your loving energetic work…. Remember to keep growing yourself and to always question everything 🙂 love peace and tranquility 🙂

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