Quantum Journeywork

What is Quantum Journeywork?

It’s a process of tapping into the quantum field and unlocking infinite possibilities for good. When you open to the Divine reality that connects us all, quiet your monkey-mind, and stay lucid, tremendous healing powers and sacred truths can be accessed!

It’s all in you! This modality is centered around your higher self and is governed by Source/Divine Spirit/God. Often times angels, guides, and ancestors show up to support your journey.

New wisdom and gifts reveal themselves and are integrated into the physical realm to advance you to the next level of your healing and growth.

What does a Quantum Journeywork session look like?

These sessions are done on the phone or via zoom. I do not do these sessions in-person at this time.

The session begins with a little chat and stating intentions for our time together. Then getting into a comfortable position either sitting or lying down, away from distractions.

I then open the space with a sacred invocation to create a safe and sacred container. We then move into a deeply meditative space of connection with your true essence, and we open into an expansive field of unlimited possibility.

As we’re both tuned in to this divine reality, the magic unfolds. I will make guided recommendations, ask questions, remind you of things you’ve forgotten, and empower you to move forward in the best way.

There is a common cycle in just about everyone’s session.

  1. The opening. This means tuning in/up, harmonizing, and setting the space to go deep.
  2. A transformative experience.
  3. Closing. Bringing the conscious awareness back into the body fully.
  4. Integration. Allowing the body, mind and heart to absorb the experience.

Each session is uniquely different.

Some sessions can be extremely experiential, and you leave with your mind blown, while other sessions may be more subtle in its impact. I trust that whatever comes through is exactly what is needed.

When the mind stunts the process

An untrained mind can sometimes get in the way of deep healing and transformation. After all, its job is to protect and keep the self “safe”. Change and the unknown can be scary and there can be mechanisms in place that try to stop it. The mind can also jump in and interpret what’s happening during the process. This can stop the flow of energy and prevent the larger picture from unfolding.

I’m currently working on developing a course to train the mind so that positive change and transformation can occur with ease. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to get notified when this is released.

Active vs. Inactive participation

There are two ways to experience Quantum Journeywork.

The first way is to become an active participant in the journey. I will guide us so far and when appropriate, ask you questions to deepen and expand the experience. This way is recommended for those that already have experience with deep meditation, astral projection, hypnosis, or shamanic journeying.

The second way is to just experience and receive. This is for people that have trouble taming their mind. During the session, we will do work to put the mind at ease so that you can better visualize and follow along on this transformational journey.

Either way you choose to participate, please know that the session is 100% for you. If you ever feel the need to communicate anything at any time, you are encouraged to do so.


90-minute session, $160

I price my sessions to be sustainable for me. If adjusting the price makes this work attainable during a critical time for you, please communicate with me before scheduling a session and we will find a way. I got you. 

After a Quantum Journeywork Session

Make sure to drink lots of water, preferably with electrolytes and/or minerals. I like using a silica supplement to assist in the process of integration. Be gentle with yourself and try to avoid stressful activities for the next day or so. I also recommend taking a hot bath with salts and going for a long walk in nature.