This page contains a treasure-trove of authentic experiences shared by those who have joined me on this remarkable journey. I am profoundly grateful for the privilege of being a part of their unique paths, and I am sincerely delighted to receive affirmations regarding the positive influence of this work on individuals’ overall happiness and well-being. These narratives of growth and transformation serve as a perpetual wellspring of inspiration, further deepening my dedication to this sacred calling. These testimonials reveal the remarkable potency of energy healing, inner peace, and self-discovery, reinforcing our awareness of the interconnected tapestry of life that binds us together.


This woman can channel! Still feeling floaty from my session. So relaxing, and the energy felt like warm sunshine. My body immediately responded to the flow, sometimes moving without me even moving it. I saw a lot of visuals, which I understood (for me) as energy of life's things coming for a visit but immediately leaving. Just what I was looking for!

Stephanie F.Stephanie F.

My Reiki session with Lana was amazing! Her energy is so peaceful and calming. I think in fell asleep, I just hope I didn't snore. I felt relaxed for days afterwards. I ended up buying a special package of 3 visits. Can't wait for our next session.


Lana is an amazing, gifted healer. She has helped facilitate changes within me that I didn't imagine possible. I can't recommend her enough.

Lisa J.Lisa J.

The Reiki session was absolutely incredible!  To feel electric energy course through my body, all the stuck stuff break through my feet and flow out my head was so healing.  I feel good.  I feel more calm and at peace.  I feel more grounded and connected to the truth of who I am, like I can just trust that everything is okay.  That was the immediate feeling after the session.  I know that I will likely continue to feel the effects for a while and am so grateful for you and what you do.

Erin H.Erin H.

I had a very powerful experience with Lana. I'm quite sensitive and she helped me set an intention before the treatment to have a gentle and supportive experience. This helped ease my mind as we began the session. Lana was very gentle and the treatment was intense. I felt very supported and nourished by her. I really appreciate that Lana takes the time to discuss my experience and give me some feedback. I did not feel rushed at all which is very important to me. I will definitely work with Lana again. She is a powerful, nurturing and supportive lightworker.


I am so happy to have a chance to write a review of Lana, The Alchemista. I had no idea what to expect when I went to see her on a rainy Sunday morning. I was a little wound tight when I got there due to my navigation taking me a very roundabout crazy way. Lana was like a soothing spring - calm, tranquil, supportive to my mood. My dog, Riley Girl, came with me and she instantly wanted to be on the table with me. Lana then did her wonderful healing on both Riley and me. That made my heart happy. With me, Lana's sweet spirit was almost like she wasn't there - just this energy. She helped me open up, share thoughts I didn't even know I had, and reveal those things I needed revealed to help me with my business. I left feeling very good, floaty, and happy. Highly recommend.

Ashley Z.

My reiki experience with Lana was life altering. I look forward to experiencing shifts over the coming weeks as I integrate the work we did together today. I've been fighting a serious illness for over three weeks and I now feel grounded and centered in my body with an increased level of vitality I wasn't sure I would ever be able to access again. I would highly recommend Lana. She is an advanced healer. I've had other Reiki experiences in the past, but this one blew me away. The time she spent with me and the insights she shared were above any beyond anything I hoped for.


Lana is so so so sweet. I came in because I've had a really emotional, transitional month and felt completely overwhelmed and over-emotional. Before arriving, I had just been crying in the car for who knows why. I had never gotten reiki before so I didn't know what to expect. I could feel energy pouring into me from her hands. I could feel the energy swirling around inside my body as well as heat radiating from her hands to my face. Afterwards, I felt so alive and full of energy. We had a sweet conversation and she recommended some books, techniques and schools for me because I plan to go into energy healing as well. This was a great first experience with Reiki, thank you Lana, I'd love to come back 🙂

Kate B.Kate B.

Thanks for the amazing treatment this morning! It was my first time experiencing Reiki, and I loved it. I feel like I went on a tropical vacation and communed with the universe. I feel relaxed and centered, and my chronically tense body feels freer. The best way I can describe how I felt during the treatment is that it was like my body was being infused with God's love. In some areas of my body I could feel emotions being released, but I felt really safe and the whole process felt very gentle and supported. I have a few chronic injuries I've been struggling with lately, and they feel a little less painful after the treatment. I'm excited to see if Reiki can help them heal once and for all. I definitely want to come back for more - I feel like my body was just flooded with divine energy after a long drought. So awesome!


Lana is an amazing energy healer. I saw Lana three times and each time was different, yet very powerful. I noticed a shift after each session and the intentions I set for each were fulfilled every time. It is clear that Lana is very gifted in this area, and she is authentic.
I have had energy healings before, but none of my prior experiences came even close to the one with Lana. She is light years ahead of anyone I've seen before, yet she is humble, pure, connected and very powerful.
Thank you Lana for being a gift to this world and all of us who have the opportunity to work with you.

Sarah C.Sarah C.

I have worked with Lana several times now, and know her to be a gifted healer. She uses the tools she knows to connect with he clients on a vibrational level, and is able to move energy in a way that, in my case, could be physically felt, though she was not touching me. I left feeling intensely energized, and could feel the healing continue over the next several days. I highly recommend her!

Daisy R.Daisy R.

Seeing Lana was perfect since I'm at very transitional point in my life. The space was very comfortable and she gave great insight to our session that made sense in interesting and surprising ways. I could physically feel her pulling the energy from my feet!

Yvette BYvette B

Saw my doctor today, she said that she was amazing to hear my lungs improvement. I told her about the reiki you did on me and how it helped me a lot!  She was so happy for me!  I feel so wonderful!   I feel a lot better!  With Reiki, it does help me feel a lot more motivated to do more.  I can’t wait for the next appointment.


There are no words to describe how awesome my Reiki Session with Lana was! She was so in tune with me, she really knows what she is doing. I feel like a have a renewed energy and I cannot wait to see her again. I highly recommend Lana to everyone!


I had my Reiki session today! Twas truly divine. I feel like I'm walking on a cloud, all sparkly and vital and rainbow-y. XD I sit here typing this, in 0% physical pain. That to me, is revolutionary. Thank you Lana Ishka! I am so looking forward to learning how to practice this beautiful healing technique and share that love with others. It truly is life-changing and deeply empowering stuff.


...I also felt electrical impulses from my feet up into the back of my neck. That was while I was laying on my back. Once again thank you very much 🙂


One of the first things that I noticed about Lana was her gently penetrating sense of presence. I really got that she was seeing all parts of me. She listened very deeply and was able to work with all of the information that I conveyed to her, no matter how strange it was. Lana worked with me right where I was at.

I’ve received a lot of energetic healing treatments in the past 10 years. One of the benchmarks of good work is whenever I receive energy work or body work is if it puts me to sleep. Lana knocked me out within minutes of beginning. I found myself in an interestingly deep dream state. Becoming conscious in moments and in a dreamscape in others. At one point I felt her working on my head, and without touching me I felt the distinct feeling of heat lamps on top of my head.

When I began to wake, Lana was there smiling at me. We were both in a bit of a dream/trance state at the end of the session, but she was able to tell me an incredibly vision of what she’d seen while working on me. What she told me was so personally accurate and true to my journey it really lit me up. One very interesting piece is that she conveyed that she was working with a Lion spirit guide that was working with me. Over the next week, almost every day I found myself in front of some giant effigy of a lion, from giant ads, to statues, to toys… Lion images popping up everywhere… something that has confirmed for me what she reported to me.

On a physiological experience, I noticed that after days of being on my phone, my fingertips were feeling incredibly sensitive and agitated from touching the phone screen so much. In that hour with her, that feeling was completely gone and has remained gone for a week. I have also become aware of what was happening to my fingertips, and am taking measures to avoid touching the screen as much.

I recommend Lana for any type of body healing that you might need, but also for any work around spiritual awakening and balancing your energy field. Very powerful work, this stuff is advanced.

Hashim and ToniaHashim and Tonia

We had a very wonderful experience with Lana, taking all three Reiki classes. She has a great sense of humor also while making you feel comfortable and at home. Loved the crystal grid, the energy in the house is very calming. We would recommend Lana to anyone that is interested in Reiki.

I had only met Lana once prior to the healing, but I instantly felt calm and more peaceful in her presence and was more than comfortable with opening up my energy to her - I was eager and willing.  When the session began. I very soon became so relaxed that I began to doze in and out of sleep.  The session felt electrifying yet calming, simultaneously.
When Lana was finished, my body knew and my eyes opened just as she spoke to me.  I awoke with a smile on my face and the feeling of having woken from a deep, peaceful nap.  I took a few minutes to completely revive and Lana told me to take as long as I needed.
When I was ready, Lana shared her experience with me during her process of healing my body's energy.  She shared many valuable things with me, some of which I instantly connected to and resonated with.  She worked on and cleared my throat chakra and helped it to flow more easily into my upper chakras  This was an area I had been working on for years, it continues to be a work in progress, but I feel improvement everyday.
In the weeks and days to come, I felt immediate benefit from this clearing.  Something that had been able to cause my heart a great deal of pain no longer had this power over me.
Noelani (Portland, OR)Noelani (Portland, OR)

Wow! When Lana worked on me, I laughed, I cried and then I laughed again. It was a whole journey and I'm very impressed with her work!

Cori (Beaverton, OR)Cori (Beaverton, OR)

Since getting my Reiki Master certification, I feel more grounded and in tune with myself.

Kathleen (Portland, OR)Kathleen (Portland, OR)

I've attended  several of Lana's classes and recently became a certified Reiki Master after attending Reiki 1-3.  The classes were enlightening, fun and packed full of wisdom.  Lana's style of teaching makes spirituality accessible for all walks of life. I highly recommend her classes and healings.  I feel privileged to be in her Reiki lineage and will continue to see her for healing.

Becky (Hillsboro, OR)Becky (Hillsboro, OR)

I came to Lana feeling depressed, ill, and overwhelmed.  It was my first time having a session and i didn't know what to expect.   She immediately made me feel very comfortable and answered any questions that I had. The whole process was rather enjoyable.  Once the session started, I felt like i was in a healing trance. Lana's connection was very strong and I could feel it.  She heals with her heart, which is why it truly works.  When the session was over I felt refreshed, like very heavy weights had been lifted from me.  I would recommend this to anyone suffering from emotional or physical pain.  It really helps to lift the spirt, and also helped me refocus my mind.

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  1. Agnieszka says:

    Lana is a very gifted healer. I’ve now had 4 energy healing sessions over the last year and a half, and each session has helped me get through the challenge I brought to each one. I have learned and grown through these sessions, leaving unwanted and limiting energy behind.
    Thank you Lana!


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