Invest in Your Well-Being

At The Alchemista, your well-being is the top priority. There’s a range of transformative sessions designed to support your journey to healing and self-discovery. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing:

Quantum Journeywork: Dive deep into the quantum field with a 90-minute session for $160.

Alchemical Energy Healing: Experience the power of energy healing, available both in-person and virtually, with 60 to 90-minute sessions at $160.

Reiki: Restore balance and harmony with a 60-minute Reiki session, priced at $60.

Package Deal: For those committed to their well-being journey, we offer a special package deal. Purchase three sessions upfront and enjoy a 20% discount.

Convenient Add-On Services: We understand that sometimes you may prefer the convenience of a session in your own space. For locations up to 20 miles from my office, there is a $30 add-on fee. For those within a 50-mile radius, the add-on fee is $50.

This pricing is thoughtfully structured to ensure sustainability while keeping your wellness journey accessible. I believe in the power of healing and are committed to working with you during critical times. If you find that adjusting the price would make these services attainable for you during a moment of need, please don’t hesitate to communicate with me before scheduling a session. I’ve got your back, and your well-being matters.

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