Greetings, I am Lana, also known as Ishka. I am here to guide awakening souls on a profound journey of self-discovery, healing, and a deepened connection with Source. My spiritual name, Ishka, carries the essence of my true self, a reminder of my inner core and purpose. I am an energy practitioner, alchemist, coach, and workshop facilitator, blessed with the ability to perceive, feel, and connect with energies that guide and heal us.

My journey is one of rich experience, traversing both the depths of darkness and the heights of light, allowing me to embrace a holistic understanding of life’s diverse spectrum. Through this voyage, I have rekindled my connection with the sacred and unearthed my innate gifts.

As a child, I enjoyed playing as a healer and medicine maker, making concoctions out of plants and earth. I spoke to the water, intuitively knowing it that it responds to the vibration and intention of my voice. I made friends with the trees. I called in the wind and danced with arms wide open when it came and brushed against my face. And I was mesmerized by the fire and its power to transform. However, as I grew into my teenage years and early adulthood, I found myself disconnected from this spiritual essence, engaging in self-destructive behaviors and creating a false identity.

In my early 20s, a compassionate yoga teacher recognized my potential and introduced me to Process Oriented Psychology, igniting a journey of self-discovery and inner work that continues to unfold. I embarked on a path of deep healing and self-realization, challenging my perceived limitations and deprogramming patterns of disconnection.

My passion for healing blossomed in 2011 while studying at the Portland School of Traditional Western Herbalism, where I learned to harmonize with the natural rhythms of the Earth and harness the power of plant medicine. This awakening marked the beginning of my spiritual renaissance.

In 2013, I was attuned to Reiki, setting me on a path of profound exploration into angels, energy healing, channeling, reprogramming, energy upgrades, and more. A Kundalini Awakening experience in that same year sternly aligned me with my purpose and revealed transformative insights and Truths that reshaped my perspective on reality.

As my understanding of the spiritual realm expanded, I cultivated a deepened relationship with the divine, emphasizing discernment and a commitment to serving the highest and greatest good.

In 2017, I made a home in a spiritual intentional community in Colorado, where I continue to evolve spiritually and explore the path of embodied spiritual living.

Throughout my journey, I have encountered a diverse array of healing tools and modalities, including Reiki, Attunement, yoga, plant spirit medicine, crystals, EFT (tapping), meditation, sound healing, shamanic journeying, and more. Guided by divine synchronicities and the wisdom of my and my client’s higher self, I peer beyond the veil to facilitate profound healing and transformation.

At the heart of my path lies a commitment to a life of service, love, and expanding spiritual awareness. I walk this path with unwavering faith, honoring each step as a conscious act of participation in our collective spiritual evolution.

In my energy healing practice, I honor the natural flow of source energy and the inherent healing wisdom within each individual. I serve as a facilitator/guide, not the direct source of healing, and encourage clients to be conscious participants. My approach does not involve energy manipulation but aims to assist the body in finding its inherent balance. By working in harmony with source energy and the client’s own energy, we amplify feelings of wholeness, blessings, and steadiness. Together, we create a sacred space where body, mind, heart, spirit, and source energy collaborate, trusting in the perfection of the healing process.

I believe those destined to cross paths with me will always find their way, guided by the divine orchestration of synchronicity. My mission is to serve the Source of life and the souls divinely sent to me, embodying values of integrity, heart-centeredness, self-respect, and community. Together, we embark on a journey of healing, growth, and spiritual awakening.