Love as the Foundation

For me, it all came down to loving myself and taking actions in alignment with that. I love myself and I want myself to be healthy and thriving! With that shift, I began a new diet of love and began to feed myself in different ways. Starting with food, I took out the junk and now eat lots of fresh, organic vegetables and fruit. I feed and nourish myself with positive affirmations, expansive books, meditations, movement, sound healing, dance, essential oils, time in nature, alone time, loving relationships, and much more. Continue reading

7-day Challenges to Ignite Positive Change

The mindset I held for a good part of my life was that things were going to change and I would just change with it. And while that is true, I hadn’t quite realized my own powerful ability to create great change from within.  When I discovered this ability and took a deeper look into my habits and thought patterns, … Continue reading