DIY: Cooling Summer Toner

This face spray is perfect for hot summer weather!  I dont know about you, but when I get overheated, I become a little lethargic.  This is the perfect spray to keep you cool, calm and collected! The Peppermint essential oil naturally cools you off, increases your alertness and enhances memory! The Lavender essential oil is fantastic for your skin, it’s … Continue reading

Grounding Techniques

Essentially, grounding is bringing ourselves back into harmony with our natural state by reconnecting to the earth frequency.  This process balances our present moment awareness between the body, mind and spirit.  It helps energy flow within us to a greater degree. It’s easy to become ungrounded when living in the city or with a life full of stressors.  When you’re … Continue reading

The Importance of Sleep

I am at the doTERRA convention this weekend and have learned so many amazing things! One of the most memorable classes was on sleep.  I knew sleep was important, but I didn’t know exactly how important it is for things such as: Decreasing Stress; Decreasing Inflammation; Detoxification; Weight Loss; Improving Memory; Improving Energy Levels; Improving Emotional Wellbeing; Overall Performance; Avoiding … Continue reading

Love as the Foundation

For me, it all came down to loving myself and taking actions in alignment with that. I love myself and I want myself to be healthy and thriving! With that shift, I began a new diet of love and began to feed myself in different ways. Starting with food, I took out the junk and now eat lots of fresh, organic vegetables and fruit. I feed and nourish myself with positive affirmations, expansive books, meditations, movement, sound healing, dance, essential oils, time in nature, alone time, loving relationships, and much more. Continue reading

Emotions – Your Guidance System

Emotions are our internal guidance system.  They help us to make decisions, set boundaries, communicate, and connect with others & ourselves.  When we are tuned in to them, we are able to take actions in greater alignment with our higher selves. As you may expect, emotional wellbeing is not about controlling and suppressing our emotions.  Instead, it relates to our … Continue reading

Healing the Joints

I went from having very distressing joint pain to becoming an empowered self-healer.  I want to share with you a little story about my journey and share some natural plant and earth allies that have helped me! I am definitely no stranger to joint pain.  I had multiple ankle injuries when I was younger.  For most of my life since then, my ankle … Continue reading

7-day Challenges to Ignite Positive Change

The mindset I held for a good part of my life was that things were going to change and I would just change with it. And while that is true, I hadn’t quite realized my own powerful ability to create great change from within.  When I discovered this ability and took a deeper look into my habits and thought patterns, … Continue reading

What is Alchemy?

Many believe alchemy is simply the process of turning lead into gold. In fact, it goes much deeper than working with precious metals. Alchemy is the art form of liberating something of it’s perceived fixed properties. It is a seemingly magical process of self transformation through breaking down, purifying, filtering, and transmuting or modifying to achieve a more balanced and harmonious state. Alchemy goes beyond the physical and enters into the realms of our spiritual, emotional and mental bodies as well. Continue reading