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I work as a vibrational Light Healer, channelling energies from Archangel Metatron.  I am incredibly humbled and honored to be able to do this healing work.  Metatron assists mankind in his light evolutionary process.  A divine process that penetrates the heart and heals the whole person.  The energies help us to become more calm, focused and helps us to be present and live in the moment.

Metatronia Therapy® is a more powerful frequency than Reiki energy.  It is based on codings and frequencies that are changing and updated as they come through.  It is an ever-changing frequency, one with Metatron at the forefront, guiding and nurturing, healing and uplifting us.

Metatronia Therapy® works is an evolutionary healing vibration/energy that assists us as we move and evolve from Homo Sapien into Homo Luminous (Man of Light).  The healing is at the forefront of these evolutionary energy transformations mankind is experiencing.  It is very altering and ever expanding.  It works on many dimensions and many levels – beyond the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

The whole system is cleansed and rebalanced.  This allows us to transmute fear and move into alignment where we can explore where we truly need to be, to realize our life’s true soul purpose.  The light codings that come in through this healing assist in aligning your blueprint, repairing your DNA and healing the Autric Field.  

Initially, this healing works to clear emotional “blockages” and “issues”.  Our life’s “stories” are scanned and healing begins, taking away any parts of our story that no longer serve us.  The healing is painless, very soothing and extremely relaxing.

Metatronia Therapy® – Tammy L Majchrzak 2010 –

2-5 sessions are recommended for this healing therapy.

Expect big shifts after Metatronia Therapy® sessions!


What does a session look like?

Similar to a Reiki session, we will begin by discussing your intentions for healing.  You will lie on the massage table, fully clothed.  If you need help relaxing, we can begin with a guided meditation.  I will channel Metatronia Therapy® healing energy through my hands.  You may feel a light touch.

If you are receiving distance Metatronia Therapy®, I will call you and establish the connection and discuss your intention for the healing.  Then we will get off the phone as I send the healing until the session is over.




Suggested donation $50-100

Each session is 1 hour long.


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Metatronia Therapy® – Tammy L Majchrzak 2010 –

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