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I have been gifted numerous plants within the last year.  My home is quite pregnant with greenery.  And I so love having plants.  They make my home feel positively alive!  Buy my thumb… well, it has been more tan than green.  I really didn’t know how to care for all these plants.  After a few months in my care, many of them were looking very sad.

I felt frustrated – why is this plant wilting?  Why is this plant fraying and bendimg sideways??  I was clueless.  And I was slacking when it came down to researching how I should be caring for each plant.  They all have their own needs (A big *duh* moment for me!)

I am aware of the connection between my living space and my mental and emotional wellbeing.  I know when I’m in a clutter-free, clean space, I can think clearer, I’m more productive and I feel happier.

So, I believe that the plants in my care that are wilted and unhappy are mirroring some aspect of me.  Perhaps it serves as a window into my willingness to identify and better care for my own needs.  I felt like I let these plants down.

I did some research about my plants’ needs, bought some new soil, and took time to re-pot.  Oh-my-gosh!  Just the act of putting my hands in the soil was like hitting a re-set button.  I immediately started feeling happier and more connected with my body and the earth.  Suddenly, these plants that I’ve neglected are now receiving my care, love and attention.


Sometimes I wonder why it is that I get so disconnected from the duties and activities that bring me back into a state of greater, more rooted awareness.  Some of my favorite things are connecting with the earth, plants, my breath, dancing and moving my body.  How is it that these are the first to go on the back-burner when life gets a little too busy?

When I neglect these things and lose track of what brings me joy, the signs show up.  They show in my environment, posture, my attitude, the way I treat myself and others.  Things start to wilt!

These plants are my reminder to nourish and flourish.  And to pay attention to the signs that appear when I am in need of my own loving attention.

Lana Plant

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