Reclaim Your Divine Blueprint

Let’s reclaim dominion over this divine human blueprint.

I want to share this special video from Sarah Adams, a beautiful light worker.  This video is a blessing and it shares some powerful affirmation tools to release the old and move into the new.  She moves us through releasing all allegiance to the matrix of duality, to suffering and struggle.  And reclaiming dominion over this divine blueprint by pledging allegiance to Love, to God, to Light.  Enjoy:

About Sarah

Sarah is a talented musician/ singer and healer in the Portland area.  She is a channel of sound and uplifts the living light code in all creation!

She also offers intuitive healing.  I had a very impactful healing session over the phone with her last fall.  It came at the perfect time as a lot was shifting in my world and I needed some re-calibration.  Our session really helped me to re-align and tune into a deeper level of self and presence.

If you would like to schedule a healing session with Sarah, you can email her at or call her at 503.679.1399.

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