Trying to lift yourself from a dark place can be difficult, but it’s not impossible! With the right tools, it can be a much easier process that we think. Along my journey, I have found several tools to help me get unstuck and back into alignment. I am going to share with you the most powerful tools I have in my toolkit – essential oils and the power of our thoughts. Continue reading

Healing the Joints

I went from having very distressing joint pain to becoming an empowered self-healer.  I want to share with you a little story about my journey and share some natural plant and earth allies that have helped me! I am definitely no stranger to joint pain.  I had multiple ankle injuries when I was younger.  For most of my life since then, my ankle … Continue reading

Keep It Flowing

All energy naturally cycles.  It ebbs and flows. When energy stops moving, things begin to stagnate.  Just as we breathe and eat, our emotional and mental body needs to flow in this same cycle – in and out.  Expansion and contraction.  Stagnant energy causes energetic disruptions, which manifest as dis-ease in one form or another. To create balance and harmony, we must learn to … Continue reading

7-day Challenges to Ignite Positive Change

The mindset I held for a good part of my life was that things were going to change and I would just change with it. And while that is true, I hadn’t quite realized my own powerful ability to create great change from within.  When I discovered this ability and took a deeper look into my habits and thought patterns, … Continue reading

What is Alchemy?

Many believe alchemy is simply the process of turning lead into gold. In fact, it goes much deeper than working with precious metals. Alchemy is the art form of liberating something of it’s perceived fixed properties. It is a seemingly magical process of self transformation through breaking down, purifying, filtering, and transmuting or modifying to achieve a more balanced and harmonious state. Alchemy goes beyond the physical and enters into the realms of our spiritual, emotional and mental bodies as well. Continue reading