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We all know about the placebo effect.  It’s all too often poo-poo’ed and labeled a “fake” treatment.  But when we begin to look at it in a new light, we find that the placebo effect is really concrete evidence that the body has an innate ability to repair itself.  

There are numerous studies showing that through the placebo effect, patients can have incredible healing results – recovering from serious and incurable diseases like cancer, HIV, various heart diseases, etc.  Wow!

Lisa Rankin puts it all together in this powerful TEDtalk.  This 20 minute video will empower you and change the way you view healing and your state of mind.

Lisa beautifully touches on our basic needs as individuals to live a balanced, healthy life.  One of those most basic needs is healing interactions with others. To be cared for, tended to, touched.  This plays a big role in the placebo effect.  Studies show that adding that element of nurturing and care is vital to recovery.

“The body has these innate natural self repair mechanisms, but the scientific data proves that you need the tending, nurturing care of a health care provider, or some sort of a healer, to facilitate that process.”

Lisa sounds the call to action – we need to take our power back!

“We need patients to stop thinking that your body is not your business.  Taking your power and handing it over to other health care providers.  Your body is your business and your mind has tremendous power to communicate with your body, such that your body can heal itself.”



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