Love as the Foundation

A friend had reminded me the other day of some important wisdom. Medicine certainly has its place, but diet and lifestyle are the foundation pieces to health. Absolutely, yes!

This was echoed so many times when I was in herbal school and is so true! Our body is a master healer but when it’s out of whack, dis-ease can and will manifest.  By surveying our diet and the way in which we are living, we can identify unhealthy habits. And by making changes to the things that aren’t working, we have the ability to turn things around and heal.

Our body is constantly removing dead cells and regenerating new ones. The food that we eat becomes part of us. The human body is amazingly intelligent and has its own way of fighting off dis-ease and restoring balance.

But when we’re rebuilding our bodies with “junk” food, we certainly aren’t doing ourselves any favors.

However, this goes much deeper than food. This carries over and mirrors other areas of our life. This really is where the lifestyle part comes in. How are we feeding ourselves, mentally and emotionally? How are we nourishing our hearts, our spirits, our relationships, our community…?

For me, it all came down to loving myself and taking actions in alignment with that. I love myself and I want myself to be healthy and thriving! With that shift, I began a new diet of love and began to feed myself in different ways.

Starting with food, I took out the junk and now eat lots of fresh, organic vegetables and fruit. I feed and nourish myself with positive affirmations, expansive books, meditations, movement, sound healing, dance, essential oils, time in nature, alone time, loving relationships, and much more.

With this new diet of love, my behaviors totally started to shift. I became more compassionate and gentle with myself.  My mind is so much clearer and focused.  I feel stronger and more capable of achieving my goals, and am more motivated and energized than ever before. Connections deepened in relationships. Chores that used to bum me out turned into acts of love. My attitude about exercising totally shifted. My capacity to give and receive has expanded. I feel a stronger connection to my essence and my soul purpose.

I challenge you to take a look at your diet and lifestyle and see where you can be feeding and nourishing yourself with more love. I would also love to hear from you – what does your love diet consist of?



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