Keep It Flowing

All energy naturally cycles.  It ebbs and flows. When energy stops moving, things begin to stagnate.  Just as we breathe and eat, our emotional and mental body needs to flow in this same cycle – in and out.  Expansion and contraction.  Stagnant energy causes energetic disruptions, which manifest as dis-ease in one form or another.

To create balance and harmony, we must learn to flow along with life and not against it.

Where to start?
You can begin by noticing where you can introduce more flexibility, movement and balance into your life.  Are you more physically stagnant? Try yoga, stretching, dance, hiking, walking, biking or using plant medicine to start.  Perhaps you feel less emotionally balanced?  Meditation, yoga and essential oils can be extremely beneficial.  You can also try something new, away from routine, to shake things up.

It’s also important to be aware of your mindset.  Energy can be thrown out of whack as we react to situations with extreme resistance, stress and negativity.  Begin by being more conscious of your thoughts and regularly checking in with yourself.  Ask, “is this serving me?”  Try to identify how you “check out” and fall back into addictive patterns.  Seek out any limiting beliefs and examine them.  Set an intention for that which you want to release and that which you want to invite more of.  Love yourself.

Everything is connected and where ever you start, you are effecting and creating change within the WHOLE.

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