What is Alchemy?

Many believe alchemy is simply the process of turning lead into gold.  In fact, it goes much deeper than working with precious metals.  Alchemy is the art form of liberating something of it’s perceived fixed properties.  It is a seemingly magical process of self transformation through breaking down, purifying,  filtering, and transmuting or modifying to achieve a more balanced and harmonious state.  Alchemy goes beyond the physical and enters into the realms of our spiritual, emotional and mental bodies as well.

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

There is a subtle energy that flows through all organic life.  Every single atom has it’s own vibratory motion that can be measured in Hertz (Hz).   This vibration, this energy, causes all matter to remain in a state of rapid motion.  Everything is moving and shifting naturally.  Alchemy starts with the realization that our reality is not truly in a fixed state.  With this realization, we have the ability to begin the alchemical process of raising our vibration and changing our lives.

Everything is vibration – from sound, heat and light, to our physical bodies, thoughts, emotions, and beyond!  When we raise our vibration, the things that manifest in our reality begin to shift.   As humans, we naturally have a vibratory energy field.  When there is a disturbance within us (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual), our vibration is effected, which opens us up for manifestations of dis-ease.

So, are you ready to start the alchemical process of changing your life and raising your vibration to align with health, happiness and love?

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