With the right tools, transitioning into the better version of ourselves can be a much easier process that we think.  Along my journey, I have found several tools to help me get unstuck and back into alignment.  I am going to share with you the most powerful tools I have in my toolkit – plant medicine, meditation and the power of thought.

Becoming aware of and changing negative thought patterns is one of the most important ways to raise your vibration as it directly effects what shows up in your reality.  It’s just like cognitive behavioral training.  You can make neuro-biological changes in your brain when you shift your focus toward gratitude, peace, beauty, love, etc.   I found that when I started to journal about all the things in my life that I am grateful for, my life got a lot brighter.  Being in the vibration of gratitude opens you up to receive even more to be grateful about.  Try a gratitude journal app for your phone.

Essential oils are one of my biggest allies.  I use them every day and am constantly learning more and more about them.  They are potent and effective physically, mentally and emotionally.  They can’t do the hard work for us, but can help make the work we are doing be more effective, easier and quicker.  More info here.

These are my top 3 oils for getting unstuck and moving towards greater health, happiness and balance:

doTERRA’s grounding blend, Balance, is one of my all-time favorite essential oils.  When I’m feeling scattered, overwhelmed and unable to focus, this is one of my go-to oils to lift me out of that funk.  It helps me to reconnect with my roots and ground into my core.  It helps me to stay focused and stay present with a plan or idea until it is embodied.

In order to heal, we must receive.  If we are blocked from the new energy coming in, our healing isn’t able to progress.  The Purify blend from doTERRA is a great oil blend for releasing blocks and clearing way for the new.  On an emotional level, it supports individuals who feel trapped by negative, toxic energy.

Rosemary is a super oil for getting out of stagnant ruts.  It aids in times of transition and change, especially when a person is having a hard time adjusting.  It brings expansion to the mind and supports us as we receive new information and experiences.  It helps us to feel confident in times of change and encourages us to trust in a higher, more intelligent power.

To get these oils, click here.



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