Expanding Abilities

During each healing session, I am completely present with the client and the energy.  I tune in to and feel the current flowing through and out of my body – in from the crown, to the heart, down my arms and through my palms.  I often see colors and vibrations in and around the client’s body, and observe it – how it appears, moves and shifts.

I hold the intention to strengthen my abilities to perceive subtle energy.

Reiki flows through the healer first.  I am receiving healing each and every time I channel this energy for others.  That is a powerful thing.  Can you image getting a Reiki treatment for up to 10 hours a week?

Growth, healing, connection, expansion!  Yes!  My soul is nourished by such things.

My heart is nourished when I send clients home feeling brighter, more relaxed and much happier than when they came in.  As a woman that naturally loves to help others, I find tremendous satisfaction and purpose in the work I do and the services I provide.  I especially love when clients give me feedback and tell me about all the beautiful changes that have come into their lives.

Such beautiful patterns are unfolding in my life as well.  When I sit back and look at everything, I am filled with gratitude.  The world is truly a magical place, full of miracles and joy!  Life just keeps getting better and better.

New healing space

I now have a new Sunday space at Laurelhurst Healing Arts!!

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