7-day Challenges to Ignite Positive Change

The mindset I held for a good part of my life was that things were going to change and I would just change with it. And while that is true, I hadn’t quite realized my own powerful ability to create great change from within.  When I discovered this ability and took a deeper look into my habits and thought patterns, my life began to transition and grow.

Great change is initiated by the little tweaks you make every day.  Try changing things up by challenging yourself to adopt a new, healthy habit.  Just pick one to start and go for 7 days.  I highly recommend reflecting on the experience at the end of the week and writing it down.

7-day Challenges to Ignite Positive Change:

  • Looking for a boost in the morning?  Challenge yourself to 15-minutes of intentional, focused breathing in the morning.  This will boost the oxygen to your brain and body for a great start to the day.
  • If you haven’t been eating enough fresh vegetables and fruit, I challenge you to bring this into your awareness and hold the intention to nourish your body.  Try to get in an ample amount of fruits and veggies.
  • Have you been drinking enough water?  Realy?  Water is life.  I challenge you to stay properly hydrated and give your water a little blessing before drinking.  I also recommend reading The Hidden Messages in Water
  • Are you giving away a lot of energy?  I challenge you to give yourself at least 15 minutes a day focused on nourishing your self.  Check in with yourself, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself, “How can I best nourish myself in this moment?”
  • Are you a little out of tune with nature?  I challenge you to bring plant medicine into your life.  Try to change it up each day.  Try an herbal tea, essential oils, rubbing your hand in a lavender or rosemary plant, smelling the roses.  When experiencing the plant, sit with it.  Take a moment to connect with the earth and with your body.

I want to emphasize how incredible essential oils have been in supporting me through times of great change in my life.  If you are seeking to make some big changes in your life, I highly recommend getting dōTERRA essential oils.  These oils work on the physical, mental and emotional aspects and are tremendously healing.

My favorite essential oils for helping to promote personal growth are:

  • dōTERRA’s Balance Blend for grounding into my center.
  • Clary Sage for openness and a deeper connection to my intuition.
  • Cypress for moving blocked emotions.
  • Frankincense for a deeper connection to source energy.
  • Wild Orange to lift my spirits and open myself to the infinite possibilities ahead of me.


Please share with me how it goes.  I am doing these challenges right along with you!


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